[Scribus] line spacing only between paragraphs - how to?

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Wed May 30 17:31:03 CEST 2007

Henry Hartley wrote:
> Paulo Vieira  wrote:
> >> I have 3 paragraphs (the text is incomplete). How can I give
> >> some more linespacing between the paragraphs while maintaining
> >> the "global" linespcacing? That is, I only want to separate a
> >> little more the lines that finish with "mundo" and begin with
> >> "A edicao" (and "Portugal"/"No Indie"). The rest should be as
> >> it is. 
> Edit the style you use for your paragraph.  In the upper right of
> the dialog there are five Distance settings.  The two with up and
> down arrows and a paragraph symbol control leading and trailing
> space for paragraphs.
> >> Also, is there a way to save a paragraph style that will drop
> >> caps only at the first letter of the first paragraph? This
> >> should be a basic feature in scribus.
> This has been requested.  I cannot say when it will be addressed.
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=204

I just downloaded the new version 1.3.4.  The style editing dialog has
been changed but the controls for paragraph spacing are still there on
the Properties tag.  For getting drop caps only in your initial
paragraph, do this (using whatever style names make sense to you):

1) Create a style "MyStyle-Initial" that you like and turn Drop
   Caps on and set the way you want them.
2) Create a second style "MyStyle-Subsequent" and set "Based On"
   to the "MyStyle-Initial" style.  For this style, make only one
   change.  Turn Drop Caps off.
3) Make your initial paragraph "MyStyle-Initial" style and all the
   subsequent paragraphs "MyStyle-Subsequent" style.

If you change anything other than the drop cap settings in
"MyStyle-Initial" it will flow through to the "MyStyle-Subsequent"
style.  It isn't as good as being able to specify drop caps on all
paragraphs or only the first paragraph but it's certainly better than


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