[Scribus] Intrigued

Craig Ringer craig
Mon May 28 06:59:09 CEST 2007

Dirk Pilat wrote:
> Hiho,
> using scribus happily and quite successfully for a literary magazine and  
> am delighted about the online documentation and the functionality. Just  
> one question remains:
> I am using scribus 1.2.5 at home on a Laptop sporting 1.5 GB ram and a  
> 3100 Sempron on Ubuntu Feisty and on a Athlon 64 3500 system with 1GB ram  
> on Feisty 64 (and an nvidia 6800gt). Editing a 14 page document with  
> moderate graphic load feels quite sluggish on both machines.
> At work I have a cheap 2.6ghz celeron with onboard intel graphics and  
> 256mg ram using scribus on WIndows XP, and editing the same  
> document seems unbearably quick and responsive.
> Is this a Linux/Windows issue, or is Scribus just so much better  
> compiled?


Qt seems quite a bit zippier on Windows, and that helps. The bulk of the
improvement will be that you're using though, which is a really
major step up from 1.2.x .

If you are using colour management please upgrade to, there were
some significant fixes made after .

Craig Ringer

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