[Scribus] "proof" items Printing the non printing items.

Kristofer Olafsson kristoferolafsson
Thu May 17 05:30:36 CEST 2007

Hello all, new here. and I Love Scribus and I want to move more work 
onto it, but I need it to be able to do something first.
     little background before my question. The company I work for 
currently uses Quark 4 Mac. Quarkxpress 7  PC. (image the headaches), 
Adobe CS2 Mac and PC, and another inhouse DTP(10 years old now only B/W 
and only likes tiff images)  ok. so you can imagine that I deal with a 
lot of headaches in Prepress. We have about 2000 different type of stock 
some with designs and shapes already on them. We print social 
stationery, invites holiday cards(yes if you have received a holiday 
card/wedding invite/party invite it probably have came from us. ;-) 
     So most items can be done on our inhouse DTP program which is a 
pain but it works. has two features that no on else has. ability to pull 
text from DB. and a Verify mode. so a second person can load the file 
and it shows no text, the second person has to re-type the order exactly 
the same way the first person did. helps reduce errors, but wouldn't be 
needed if we had a spellcheck. lol
          My Question is: Is there a way to have a non-printing items 
print only at certain times.
    Reason being, when we set up an order for a customer we sometimes 
provide a "Proof" for them. It's a PDF that has a background scan of the 
stock and their text, logo or design on top. So the Customer approves 
then thats what the Offset/inspecting will use as a guide.  Also this 
background scan insures that the person in prepress can see if 
everything is going to fall in the right places.
    In Scribus I can define my paper size. I create an image box, load 
the scan of the stock, Set it to Non-Printing. Create my Tex boxes, This 
helps the person prepress. But now if they want to make a PDF of it or 
print it to attach to the paperwork, the have to Right click properties 
de-select non-printing.  and then select non-printing again before 
"printing" it to the Plate Making Queue.
     So if there were an option or a way to have two types of printing 
"Print with all non-printing and printing items" an a normal print.  and 
the same would go for PDF making.  "Make pdf with all non-printing item" 
and the normal "make PDF"

     I hope I made sense.
 If anyone has some suggestions that would be great. Thank you.
Thank you all for your time,

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