[Scribus] Preview mode => crash (1.3.4cvs20070513)

intrigeri intrigeri
Tue May 15 00:02:48 CEST 2007

Hi again,

first, thanks Oleksandr for your complete answer :)

Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote (14 May 2007 21:50:43 GMT) :
> If you are set on using etch (stable), which will not see any libcairo2
> updates and it is known that 1.2.4 is too old for Scribus then my question is
> - why are you building with Cairo in the first place?

I want to try some new 1.3.4cvs features, such as... preview mode, ah
ah :) And I?ve not been hunting Scribus bugs for a while, so it seemed
to be a good (re-)start.

> The solutions seem to present themselves in the following order:
> * Use my etch package built with libart, which works well, or build your own
> if you are really intent on doing your own compilation, but still with
> libart-2.0 not libcairo2.

Sure, I?ll do this for (amateur) production.

> * Dist-Upgrade to Sid or wait until Lenny (Testing) will get current
>   libcairo2 (1.4.6) from sid and then dist-upgrade to lenny.

Now that I?ve setup my pbuilders et al. to backport stuff for etch ?
Nevermind ;)

> * Backport libcairo2 to etch on your own by doing a rebuild of
>   a source package

Tons of other packages are linked against libcairo2, I won?t rebuild
them all against a new backported version.

>   or wait until we switch to cairo after 1.3.4 release and I am
>   forced to start backporting it to etch anyway.

We?ll see.

> * Pollute your system with stuff installed into /usr/local and watch
>   it crash and burn eventually.

I?ll do this to go on with Scribus bug hunting :]

BTW, one question since I?m not aware of the dynamic library linking
details : if I install a brand new upstream libcairo in /usr/local,
I guess *all* apps will use it instead of the /lib one, right ?


If yes, if I want to run my bug-hunting-Scribus with a new cairo
version, I guess I should :
  1. install this new cairo version in a place the system does not use
     when looking for dynamic librarys, so that other apps don?t use
  2. run scribus in a specific shell environment (custom
     LD_LIBRARY_PATH, what else ?)
Is this supposed to work ? How would you deal with such an issue ?

If no, what does actually happen ?

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