[Scribus] Thoughts on footnotes

Marek Laane bald
Sat May 12 22:17:31 CEST 2007

?hel kenal p?eval (laup?ev, 12. mai 2007) kirjutas m8130 at abc.se:
> > Well, most word processors make quite clear difference: footnotes and
> > endnotes. And quite common are books where both are used, e.g
> > (bibliographical) references in the end of the text/book and explanatory
> > notes under the pages. So ideally Scribus should support both types:
> > footnotes that are placed on same page of the referenced text, and
> > endnotes
> > in the end of text/document.
> Bibliographical references and end notes are not exactly the same.
> A footnote is located at the bottom of the apge.
> An end note is located at the enc of the chapter or section.
> And bibliographical references are normally located in their own "chapter"
> at the end of the book.
> And of course LaTeX (and probably most other TeX:s) have support for all
> of the above (and probably some more that I didn't think of now).

Yes, I know. I meant the book structure where 
a) under the pages are footnotes (mostly explanatory kind, adding some 
information to the main text), 
b) in the end of text are endnotes containing mostly bibliographical kind 
(e.g. "24. See Burleigh, Third Reich, p.109" - example from the translation I 
just work on) and 
c) besides it there is a chapter, mostly named  "Bibliography" in which there 
are full bibliographical references (from same translation - "Burleigh, 
Michael. The Third Reich: A New History (London, 2001).")

These three kind of references are quite common in the books I mostly 
encounter (humanities, science).

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