[Scribus] Scribus and FC6

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 9 04:29:26 CEST 2007

Roger wrote:
> I have successfully got Scribus to work under FC6 -- but
> The cvs download i836 ver currently available did not provide the icons
> in the menu bars, so I used the cvs version that I used for FC4
> I have no idea whether there are differences in the cvs, in my instance there
> were. I downloaded the cvs 3 times from different mirrors and each had the same
> fault.
> To the person a couple of weeks ago who asked about Scribus problems in FC6, you
> must check the ./configure readout for each and every 'no' answer and load the
> required components, You can do this by typing ./configure | more and it will
> configure one screen page at a time till you press the space bar to do the next
> screen page.
> When the ./configure runs to completion  and does not show error messages at the
> end of the readout, run make and read the make out put for errors, make takes
> quite a long time to run .
> It reports many many uninitiated variables , many
> variables initiated  but not used, this can be very confusing,  and several
> other compile time errors that don't seem to matter, look for
> missing components and install them using yum.
> I had yum running while I ran ./configure and make so I could get things as needed.
> su to root to run make install and it should complete well
> You will need to yum install littlecms and all the other components mentioned in
> the BUILDING required and recommended sections.
> It is a massive task compiling Scribus but it does work.
Not sure I'd  call it massive. You do need the various '-devel' RPMs, 
for cups, lcms, etc. When configure complains about something being 
missing, it usually means it can't find those header files to compile with.
The next time you should try cmake instead of ./configure -- 
instructions on the wiki.
> Caveat -  Now cups printing in FC6 doesn't work at all on my machine so I had to
> install ubuntu edgy on a small partition of the hd  in order to have printing.
You should be able to print with FC6 using a command, such as 'lp -d 
yourprintername' in the print requester. You can always make a .ps file 
and print that directly.



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