[Scribus] Font artifacts table

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Tue May 8 11:10:41 CEST 2007


This is a table (can be imported easily as csv) with a list of fonts, 
whether they can be embedded, outlined, and what issues have been 
detected.... ok only for "helvetica" type and "optima" type fonts.
It reports issues when embedding, outlining, and tests for Spanish and 
Polish diacritics, including EUR symbol, with a final score.
It is not relevant for print uses, rather for screen compatibility 
(especially the thick l).
Hope it is of use to some readers.

"Font name","Score","Looks like","Embed","E: issues","O: Thick small 
L","O:Other issue","Chars, EUR, PL"
"Microsoft sans serif",0,"Helvetica",,,"Yes",,
"Myriad pro",0,"Helvetica",,,"Yes",,
"Nimbus SanL con",0,"Helvetica",,,"Yes",,
"Antique olive",0,,,,"Yes",,
"Boring sans bold",0,"Helvetica",,,"Yes",,
"Blue highway",1,"Helvetica Narrow",,,"No","Thick cap i",
"Adelon",2,,,,"No",,"No EUR, noPL, PL e is PI"
"France",3,"Optima",,,"No",,"No EUR, no PL"
"Optima",3,"Optima",,,"No",,"No EUR, no PL"
"Eterna",4,"Optima",,,"No",,"No EUR, some PL only"
"Autumn",4,"Optima",,,"No",,"No EUR, some PL only"
"Aquiline book",4,,,,"No",,"No EUR, some PL only"
"Alliance",4,,,,"No",,"No EUR, some PL only"
"Gill sans",6,"Helvetica","Yes","OK","Yes",,"No EUR, some PL only"
"Nimbus sanL",5,"Helvetica","Yes","S thinner","No","S thinner","All OK"
"Bitstream Vera Sans, Roman",7,"Helvetica","Yes","OK","Yes",,"No Polish"
"Franklin gothic medium",8,"Helvetica","Yes","OK","Yes",,"All OK"
"Verdana bold",8,"Verdana","Yes","OK","Yes",,"All OK"
"Trebuchet",9,"Soft Helvetica",,,"No",,"All OK"
"A028 Medium",9,"Soft Helvetica",,,"No",,"All OK"
"Verdana",10,"Verdana","Yes","OK","No",,"All OK" 

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