[Scribus] font artifacts on Scribus PDFs

John Beale beale
Fri May 4 19:04:17 CEST 2007

Gustavo Homem wrote:
> On Friday 04 May 2007 17:39, John Beale wrote:
>> ...problem with, but it was fixed somewhere before
>> that I currently use. You can see the difference in 100% screenshots of
>> PDFs in Adobe Acrobat generated from the same .sla file, using Scribus
>> and here:
>> http://www.bealecorner.com/D30/misc/Scribus-1338-font-fix.png
> Interesting. I would guess Arial went from "outline" to "embedded" which fixed 
> that. I can reproduce your problem if I force Arial to be outlined on the PDF 
> export preferences. Embedding arial works fine.

I believe you are correct. The PDF with the problem does not list "ArialMT" 
in the font list (Acrobat 7: Doc Properties->Fonts) so I assume it is 
outlined in the bad PDF. The newer PDF from which displays 
correctly, does list ArialMT in the font list.

Note also, in the bad PDF, the font is slightly smaller, although both are 
at 100% view. It seems to be an off-by-one-pixel kind of error.

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