[Scribus] Resizing a box makes it shrink to zero size

Owen rcook
Fri May 4 00:20:38 CEST 2007

On Thu, 3 May 2007 17:18:45 +0200
"Johannes Schwall" <johannes.schwall at gmail.com> wrote:

> Each time I try to resize an element (tested at least with the image
> box and text box elements) by entering new values into the proper
> fields in the properties window, the box shrinks to a size of 0 x 0.
> I still can change the size by dragging the widgets with the mouse,
> but as exact sizing is not really possible this way, I am not really
> able to work productively with Scribus any more.
> Now, I remember that I had this problem before and I think it only
> occured in connection with a running Firefox back then. But this time,
> it does not seem to matter whether any other program is running.

I switched from Kubuntu to SUSE because of these type of problems, however, just installed Ubuntu-7.04 and so far there doesn't appear to be any problems. A KDE thing perhaps


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