[Scribus] TrueType font encoding problem in PDF

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Thu May 3 18:21:05 CEST 2007

Avox wrote:-Yes, that will be the root of the problem. The encoding defines which charsgets mapped to what glyphs. There are several ways how that can be codedin a font. Scribus always defines a custom encoding based on that, an it appears that this process gets messed up.
** 1: I think that is the problem. As I can't explain that in english... follow the link below:http://perso.orange.fr/arkandis/ADF/fonts/test2.pdfIn this test document, the result is the same with EdwardianscriptITC font for the first line.The second line use the same font renamed for the test, but reencoded, and with glyph reordered. In the initial font under unicode name mode the C=0; comma =1/2; T=A; sterling=? etc.
So appear good in scibus with character set ansi but not with the interpeter to make PDF
** 2: Is this font come from internet? perhaps it's not an original one... EdwardianScriptITC isa commercial font...
** 3: You can change this font by the URW-coronet font under AFPL, include in the gostcsript font pack, so you can use it freely, and why not use a PS-T1 one ;-)Hope to help you
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