[Scribus] Using TeX typesetting in Scribus

John R. Culleton john
Wed May 2 14:48:30 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 02 May 2007 08:25, avox wrote:
> John R. Culleton wrote:

> > IMO Scribus/TeX integration should not be limited to the
> > traditional LaTeX variant. I find either plain pdftex or Context
> > variant more flexible and less verbose. Of course if either dvi
> > format or pdf format is used as the common format between TeX and
> > Scribus the nature of the TeX variant may become irrelevant.
> For math formulas only font selection and the AMS extensions seem
> relevant.
> How does that work with ConTeX?
> /Andreas

The primitive \font command will work with Context. In general TeX 
primitives and plain TeX/pdftex additional commands will work with 
Context, but some are deprecated. 

The more elegant/complex/confusing method of getting fonts is by using 
typescripts. Typescripts however empower the use of some 
Context-specific commands to enlarge or reduce body font size on the 
fly by a certain ratio. If this effect is not needed then the \font 
command can be used. 

I don't use the  AMS extensions so I will inquire. 
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