[Scribus] TrueType font problem in PDF ?

avox avox
Wed May 2 12:16:04 CEST 2007

John Beale wrote:
> Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
>  > First, make sure that your font is actually a quality font, not a cheap 
> rip-off.
> I don't know where this font came from but since Scribus works fine with
> my 
> other fonts, I assume it is a problem with the font, so a bug report is
> not 
> welcome? 

No, please go ahead and attach the problematic font.

We will check what's up with it and try to find a fix.

> Still, I am puzzled by how it can be that the font looks fine on 
> screen when I compose the text in Scribus, but the exported PDF switches 
> all the characters around.
> Note: I was able to generate a correct PDF using this same font in MS 
> Publisher (Print to Adobe PDF 'printer' device). For that PDF, Acrobat 7
> in 
> Document Properties/Fonts says:
> EdwardianScriptITC (Embedded Subset)
> Type: TrueType
> Encoding: Ansi
> ...whereas with the Scribus-exported (and messed-up) PDF, Acrobat 7 
> Document Properties/Fonts says:
> EdwardianScriptITC (Embedded)
> Type: TrueType
> Encoding: Custom
> Is something about "Ansi" vs "Custom" font encoding that is at issue? Is 
> one or both of these programs re-encoding the font? I know nothing about 
> font programming. I am just reporting this in case it helps anyone else.

Yes, that will be the root of the problem. The encoding defines which chars
gets mapped to what glyphs. There are several ways how that can be coded
in a font. Scribus always defines a custom encoding based on that, an it 
appears that this process gets messed up.

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