[Scribus] Dial Up Scribus

Plinnell mrdocs
Sat Mar 31 11:11:14 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007, Roger wrote:
> <snip>
> >Over dialup, the only recommendation with the possibility of
> > decent performance is NX connecting to X11vnc - not Xnvc. x11vns
> > shares the desktop, unlike normal Xvnc.
> >
> >Of course, this means you need Linux or Solaris on one machine,
> > the client can be Windows or Mac.
> >
> >I've run Scribus remotely via NX from Europe <> USA for more than
> > two years over DSL and it simply rocks. I've even demo'd Scribus
> > with a live audience using this.
> >Peter
> </snip>
> Wow this looks good.
> I run Linux exclusively, FC4 and Ubuntu Breezy and Edgy.
> What's NX ?
> I can get the remote user (currently xp but moving to Ubuntu Edgy)
> to dial in to my machine if that's the way to go or would I dial
> into the remote machine ?. They could see what I an doing, could
> they not?
> The people concerned are basic computer users so I will need to
> walk them slowly thru the process to get it up and running.
> I've never done this before and would appreciate basic info on
> what's needed and how to go about it, etc.
> I'm giving Ubuntu Edgy to others who want it. I take it that the
> above may also work with Open Office which would open yet another
> set of training possiblilities from my end.
> Another question, Do we have Scribus for xp. I have another
> interested user with a new xp machine and if the above process
> works it could be helpful with this one also.
> Kind regards and thanks
> Roger

Info on NX is here: http://nomachine.com

Please be aware for Scribus at least, there are some *buntu issue with 
Scribus. See: 


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