[Scribus] Dial Up Scribus

Roger hovergo
Wed Mar 21 21:14:56 CET 2007

>Over dialup, the only recommendation with the possibility of decent
>performance is NX connecting to X11vnc - not Xnvc. x11vns shares the
>desktop, unlike normal Xvnc.
>Of course, this means you need Linux or Solaris on one machine, the
>client can be Windows or Mac.

>I've run Scribus remotely via NX from Europe <> USA for more than two
>years over DSL and it simply rocks. I've even demo'd Scribus with a
>live audience using this.

Wow this looks good.
I run Linux exclusively, FC4 and Ubuntu Breezy and Edgy.
What's NX ?
I can get the remote user (currently xp but moving to Ubuntu Edgy) to dial in to
my machine if that's the way to go or would I dial into the remote machine ?.
They could see what I an doing, could they not?
The people concerned are basic computer users so I will need to walk them slowly
thru the process to get it up and running.

I've never done this before and would appreciate basic info on what's needed and
how to go about it, etc.
I'm giving Ubuntu Edgy to others who want it. I take it that the above may also
work with Open Office which would open yet another set of training
possiblilities from my end.

Another question, Do we have Scribus for xp. I have another interested user with
a new xp machine and if the above process works it could be helpful with this
one also.

Kind regards and thanks

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