[Scribus] PDF generated from Scribus doesn't print right

John Beale beale
Wed Mar 28 02:41:07 CEST 2007

John Beale wrote:
>  > I generated this PDF with Scribus:
>  > http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/scribus/probPDF/problem.pdf
>  > and although it opens fine on Adobe Reader, whenever I try to print it
>  > result is half a page of pixelated content, along with a perfect half...
>  > http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/scribus/probPDF/print_result.png

just FWIW, when I tried printing page one of "problem.pdf" from Acrobat 7 
(WinXP) on my 600 dpi laserprinter, the resolution was "reasonable", that 
is to say the small text was clearly legible. Not perfect, there was slight 
fringing on edges as you expect from a JPEG file at medium quality. 
However page one in the PNG example above is (I would estimate) about 8 
times lower in actual resolution and the small text is in no way visible, 
since individual pixels are the size of entire letters.

With this kind of resolution loss I could not describe it as anything but a 
bug.  I would expect only a factor of two loss even for the worst-case 
scaling errors in the worst algorithm, and of course it should be much 
less.  I don't know exactly where the bug is, though.

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