[Scribus] PDF generated from Scribus doesn't print right

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Wed Mar 28 01:40:18 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 27 March 2007 20:12, avox wrote:
> >
> >> printer (8.5 x 11 inches) but for what it is worth, when asked to print
> >> just page 1, Acrobat 7 did print out the first page correctly (the one
> >> that
> >> is shown pixellized in your PNG example)
> How did you produce this? Scan three images, convert those to PDF,
> put PDFs into imageframes in Scribus, produce PDF?

I was given a 3 page PDF file, but I wanted to impose the pages as two pages 
per sheet and partially resized and cropped (with an image frame).

> Dont Do That!

I knew someone would say this :-)

I did not scan anything. So, the input format being PDF is out of the 
equation, optimal or not. 

Plus, Scribus allows me to import PDFs into a document and then generate a PDF 
from there: seems to be a valid Scribus use case.

> Bitmap images are extremely sensitive when being scaled to near 100% but
> not exactly 100%.

Why does it only affect printing then?

Onscreen both sides look perfect, and on paper one of them looks awful. It's 
so different that I doubt it is only "sensitivity".

Furthermore, if I print to postscript from Acrobat and convert back to PDF 
with ps2pdf it is fine again.... the "sentivity" vanishes.

> That's why you scan at least at 400 dpi if your output is 300 dpi.
> In your case the image on the first page is probably scaled twice: once
> when the PDF is placed
> (likely at 99,5% or 101% or someting similar) and the second time when the
> page is output.
> To avoid this, use the images (tiffs?) you get directly from the scan
> process and place those
> in Scribus. If you need to scale, avoid percentages near 50%, 100% or 200%.

Thanks for the general advice but I think this is a bug. Don't you agree?

Now, whose bug is this?

I have already solved the problem.

Still I am  reporting this as it may be a Scribus issue. Could as well as be a 
bug somewhere along the cups+ghostscript path, since we have at least a 
report of printing w/o problems on windows.

Best regards

> Scanning at a higher resolution might also help.
> /Andreas

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