[Scribus] Change Scale Output PDF

supriyanto supray1
Mon Mar 26 13:12:22 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I have a question with output pdf on scribus.

How to make or print a pdf format to a smaller size than it used to be?
For example, We have a magazine with a regular size (standard) and a
economic size. We want to make it smaller sizes, for example: from
200x280 mm in regular size to 100x140 mm in economic size.
Are there easy way to make it happens? or, with some tools, feature, or
script in Scribus?.
With Adobe Indesign, we can do it by down rate the scale from 100% to
XXX%, when we're about to print out.
I already search this problem in wiki scribus and google, but I can't
found solution this problem.

Can somebody help me? Please....!!!


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