[Scribus] Summer of Code - Emacs mode?

jrm at kw.igs.net jrm
Tue Mar 20 10:42:59 CET 2007

Hello, people.  For what they're worth, here are some thoughts
on a Scribus/Emacs project that just might be attractive for
Summer of Code.

- Personally, whenever it's seemed appropriate to edit an .sla
file in a text editor, I've found the experience rather
daunting.  Even a fairly simple scribus-mode for Emacs would
be useful, so I don't think this would be a hard project to
get off the ground.

- Even the side project of collecting together all the 
various tips on editing .sla files would be intrinsically
helpful.  And it would open the possibility of getting the
scribus-mode up to being very useful.  Example: locating usage
of some particular style.  Example: easing relocation of
images to a different directory.  Example: rearranging

- Going further, a second Emacs mode, scribus-story-mode,
would specialize in editing marked up text for Story Editor
import/export.  One access method would be from the main
scribus-mode, which when the cursor is in a chunk of Story
Editor text would give the option of opening a separate
buffer in scribus-story-mode.  The other access method
would be on opening something exported from the Story
Editor.  In the latter case, it could be nice to be able,
from scribus-story-mode, to generate a new document and
pop it open read-only in Scribus to see the consequences
of fiddling in Emacs.

Even though the Scribus developers may be mainly vi users,
it still should be possible to get the above Emacs modes
to a point where they will be useful to developers and
not just to us users.

John MacPhail

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