[Scribus] Short Scribus video tutorials

Craig craig
Fri Mar 16 11:22:25 CET 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> Interesting, in particular to see what the sound adds or doesn't add to 
> the concept. More detail/explanation, but also events happen slower.

Actually, that was by design. I created these for my mom, who uses 
Microsoft Publisher to create a news letter for her library's "friends" 
group. (That's why the series is for creating a library newsletter 
project). I tried to pace it so that I wasn't zipping through, leaving 
poor mom and anyone else picking up Scribus for the first time in the 
dust. I'm sure more advanced tutorials would be much quicker.

And, had I not had the microphone and the ability to record sound, this 
most certainly would have been a silent movie. :)

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