[Scribus] Short Scribus video tutorials

Steve Herrick estebandido
Fri Mar 16 04:22:58 CET 2007

My thinking was
> > that it probably is mostly pronounced (and probably by Franz) as
> > "Scree-bus" to rhyme with Me-Bus, rather than to rhyme with My-Bus. Am I
> > right?
> >
> > Greg
> I assume the "correct" pronounciation, if such a thing exists at all, would be
> the Latin one:
> the "i" as in "kick", "u" as the "ou" in "obvious"

Oh, I was assuming it was "Scribe-Us." But, I once thought Linux was
"Linn-ux," so I'm willing to be educated.

Then again, I talk about it in Spanish now and then, pronouncing it
"Scree-boos" (using North-American quasi-phonetic writing style,
augmented with a rolled "r"), so I'd be happy to settle on that.

Steve Herrick

Que si las manos son nuestras
Es nuestro lo que nos den

- Victor Jara

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