[Scribus] grayscale images imported as RGB?

Terence Chan terence
Mon Mar 12 18:43:36 CET 2007

Yes, I believe this is normal behaviour for scribus - why is this
a problem? So long as you apply the appropriate icc input and output
profiles the greyscale images should appear ok when printed and on
the screen.


On Sun, 11 Mar 2007, Lila Pagola wrote:

> hi!
> I'm working with Scribus in a book, almost finished, because we are in press
> with everything except cover.
> Preparing the cover design for pre-press (I don't if in english it's said
> that way), I have found a rare behavoir of Scribus with grayscale images:
> they are considered as RGB files, in any format I try to import them (PNG8,
> gif, tif). And If I import them as CMYK I have information in the 4 channels
> when the image is just black.
> Somebody has experiencied something similar? Am I doing something wrong?
> I did a quick search on the web and the list's archives and I didn't find
> any report of this problem.
> Our project has a wiki when we are uploading the problems and solutions we
> found, in spanish, sorry (and for my english sorry too)
> the url is http://nomade.liminar.com.ar/wakka.php?wakka=MaBI
> Thanks in advance for any clue ...

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