[Scribus] grayscale images imported as RGB?

Lila Pagola lilapagola
Mon Mar 12 03:52:54 CET 2007

I'm working with Scribus in a book, almost finished, because we are in press
with everything except cover.

Preparing the cover design for pre-press (I don't if in english it's said
that way), I have found a rare behavoir of Scribus with grayscale images:
they are considered as RGB files, in any format I try to import them (PNG8,
gif, tif). And If I import them as CMYK I have information in the 4 channels
when the image is just black.

Somebody has experiencied something similar? Am I doing something wrong?
I did a quick search on the web and the list's archives and I didn't find
any report of this problem.

Our project has a wiki when we are uploading the problems and solutions we
found, in spanish, sorry (and for my english sorry too)
the url is http://nomade.liminar.com.ar/wakka.php?wakka=MaBI

Thanks in advance for any clue ...
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