[Scribus] Different Distros - different versions of Scribus?

BandiPat magicpage91
Mon Mar 12 13:48:34 CET 2007

Elaine de Saxe wrote:
> Good morning ... I'm playing about with Linux distros trying to  
> decide which one/s will do what I need ...
> Out of the myriad of distros, I chose seven to trial.
> The first is Ubuntu and I discover to my surprise, that I can only  
> get 1.2x via Synaptic. I read Aleksandr's comment about the Ubuntu  
> developers and since I'm more interested in Scribus than Ubuntu, I'm  
> happy to go on to another distro.
> These are the ones I have available right now:
> btw using an ex-PC laptop with a P3 800mHz and 300+ RAM - if that's  
> at all useful information.
> Simply Mepis 6
> Zen 4.2 - have only the live CD - how do I run Scribus this way? I  
> can always buy the Instal disk!
> Kubuntu 6.10 - same issue I suppose.
> Damn Small Linux 3.2
> Linux Mint 2.2
> somewhere around there's a Fedora Core 5 (I think).
> Which one/s if any, will run the latest Scribus?
> Thanks for a great list - always something of interest on it :-)
> Elaine in Brisbane, Australia
> _______________________________________________

You'll need to download the the CD image (.iso) from 
http://www.zenwalk.org to install the latest Zenwalk Linux 4.4.1 on your 
system.  Afterwards you should find the latest Scribus available on 
their mirrors using the update package, netpkg, included with the 
distro.  I've had wonderful results with both so far, Zenwalk & Scribus.


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