[Scribus] newbie anxiety.

monroy-lopez ivan
Tue Mar 6 14:42:42 CET 2007

Hello list.

I emerged Scribus about a month ago in gentoo. My machine is a dual- 
boot ibook G4.

In the past weeks, I've been playing around with Scribus, reading  
through tutorials, etc...
This is in the hopes of switching to Scribus for the purposes of a  
small ~12 page magazine.

I have read about the difficulties that can arise with Scribus, and  
would like to avoid them as much as possible.

I would specially like to avoid any problems at the printer. At the  
moment, all I know is that we have to deliver a pdf document to the  

Maybe at this stage the question is too general but...
Is there anything in particular that I should avoid when making the  
magazine in Scribus? And conversely, do you have any recommendations?

Best wishes,

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