[Scribus] [scribus] HELP : Scribus and TIFF/IT format files

william f. maddock billsey
Tue Mar 6 12:54:36 CET 2007

On Mar 6, 2007, at 3:44 AM, Louis Desjardins wrote:

> 2007/3/6, Arnaud Talaia <arnaud.talaia at biogestion.ch>:
>> Hi everybody,
>> a french magazin editor asks me to send him?my add in? the TIFF/IT-P1  
>> format (which seems to become a big runner for editors since that  
>> format has been certified ISO and is supported by the Secogif..).  
>> After a little bit of surfing around on the Net, I gather that the  
>> programs used to produce those files are very expensive, and as a  
>> very small company, we will not be able to afford it.
>> Does anyone know if there is a way to produce this TIFF/IT format  
>> directly from Scribus (I'm on Scribus for Windows XP) or from  
>> any other freeware??Will I have to?ask a?specialist, those we call  
>> "photograveur" in french (don't know the name in english), which will  
>> add to the cost..?
> Bonjour Arnaud,
> As far as I know, there is no such tool in the FLOSS world (yet!). You  
> will have to go to a prepress house that can do that (make sure they  
> can handle you a TIFF/IT-P1). I don't know the prices in France for  
> this kind of work but imo this will fall into the category of minimum  
> charge because you only have one ad, as I understand.
> There is currently no way to produce a TIFF/IT-P1 file from Scribus  
> (or a P1, as we say!). Nor is it possible from any DTP app I know.  
> Producing such file requires a RIP (raster image processor) that will  
> rasterize your file at a high resolution. That is, typically, turn it  
> from an editable format to a non-editable one. Or if you prefer, to  
> make a digital film out of it.
> Your extra cost will depend on the size of your ad. Price can be  
> separated in 3.
> 1) ripping and producing the TIFF/IT file
> 2) getting a good digital proof out of this file (contract proof)
> 3) physical support (a letter size TIFF/IT made out of a 4-color  
> document is around 40 MB)
> You could propose to send a PDF file instead of a P1. This can be done  
> with Scribus. You'd have to proof your file and make sure it has the  
> fonts embedded. If they don't want a PDF, then you'll have no other  
> choice than going to a service bureau (a photograveur) to have this  
> file done for you.

Couldn't the same thing be accomplished by scribus in combination with  
GIMP? Produce the postscript from scribus, import that into GIMP, then  
GIMP might be able to output the P1 (I'm not sure of that, of course).
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