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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Tue Mar 6 10:44:22 CET 2007

2007/3/6, Arnaud Talaia <arnaud.talaia at biogestion.ch>:
> Hi everybody,
> a french magazin editor asks me to send him my add in  the TIFF/IT-P1
> format (which seems to become a big runner for editors since that format has
> been certified ISO and is supported by the Secogif..). After a little bit of
> surfing around on the Net, I gather that the programs used to produce those
> files are very expensive, and as a very small company, we will not be able
> to afford it.
> Does anyone know if there is a way to produce this TIFF/IT format directly
> from Scribus (I'm on Scribus for Windows XP) or from any other
> freeware? Will I have to ask a specialist, those we call "photograveur" in
> french (don't know the name in english), which will add to the cost..

Bonjour Arnaud,

As far as I know, there is no such tool in the FLOSS world (yet!). You will
have to go to a prepress house that can do that (make sure they can handle
you a TIFF/IT-P1). I don't know the prices in France for this kind of work
but imo this will fall into the category of minimum charge because you only
have one ad, as I understand.

There is currently no way to produce a TIFF/IT-P1 file from Scribus (or a
P1, as we say!). Nor is it possible from any DTP app I know. Producing such
file requires a RIP (raster image processor) that will rasterize your file
at a high resolution. That is, typically, turn it from an editable format to
a non-editable one. Or if you prefer, to make a digital film out of it.

Your extra cost will depend on the size of your ad. Price can be separated
in 3.
1) ripping and producing the TIFF/IT file
2) getting a good digital proof out of this file (contract proof)
3) physical support (a letter size TIFF/IT made out of a 4-color document is
around 40 MB)

You could propose to send a PDF file instead of a P1. This can be done with
Scribus. You'd have to proof your file and make sure it has the fonts
embedded. If they don't want a PDF, then you'll have no other choice than
going to a service bureau (a photograveur) to have this file done for you.



> Thank you for any tipp, link, programs, voodoo spells..
> Arnaudlimit
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