[Scribus] Fw: barcode

Petr Vanek petr
Tue Mar 6 07:56:38 CET 2007

> >From 1 Jan 2007, you should only use 13-digit ISBNs. Select ISBN
> in the barcode generator then type in the ISBN-13 (with dashes).
> This will generate a barcode with "ISBN xxx-xx..." printed on top
> of the barcode. I believe the new ISBN-13 is the same format as EAN-13
> so choosing EAN-13 will generate the same barcode but the ISBN
> won't be printed on top.

12 or 13 digits with dashes. The legacy ISBN-10 format accepts 9 or 10
digits with dashes, but this standard was depreciated for public use after
1st January 2007. (Note: To convert an old ISBN-10 to a new ISBN-13, prefix
978- to the first 9 digits, e.g. 1-56592-479-7 -> 978-1-56592-479. The final
check-digit will be calculated automatically.)

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