[Scribus] implementing a CMYK workflow scenario with Gimp and Scribus

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Thu Mar 1 23:13:05 CET 2007


> Hi Gustavo,
> Please make sure of this. 

I am sure that:

- The tool tip says "Embed a colour profile for images"
- If the option is unchecked the resulting PDF is very different from the ones 
I got via:



GIMP+Separate+Quark XPress

> Try to follow exactly the info provided by the 
> dialog and the tooltip and if you feel the tooltip is incorrect or
> incomplete, please browse the bug report and if you can't find this
> issue has been reported yet, then file a bug on that.

I can do that, but perhaps someone could explain first what's the purpose of 
the Use ICC profile options, and what's the difference between checking them 
and not.

> Tooltips must be helpful. Otherwise they need to be fixed.

Agree. These one seems confusing.

Best regards

> Thanks!
> Louis
> > Best regards
> > Gustavo
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