[Scribus] implementing a CMYK workflow scenario with Gimp andScribus

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Thu Mar 1 22:42:53 CET 2007

Gustavo Homem a ?crit :

> Hi,
>>I changed our workflow. We no longer use the separate
>>plug-in. We do use colour management in Scribus, using
>>the ICC profile ISOnewspaper30v4. We export to PDF
>>There didn't seem to be any noticeable decline in
>>Here's a PDF where the images - including the adverts,
>>which are all created in The Gimp - underwent CMYK
>>separation through the Separate plug-in:
>>And here's one where RGB JPGs were used, with active
>>colour management in Scribus:
>>We were happy enough to decide to stop using Separate.
> I have now tried colour management on and seem to get comparable 
> results, so far:
> http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/scribus/cmyk-workflow/sweet-scribus-cm/
> At first I didn't realize the I had to check the "Use ICC profile" option on 
> the PDF generation. The tooltip says it's used for embedding a profile into 
> the images, but if the option is not checked the colours seem to go wrong...

Hi Gustavo,

Please make sure of this. Try to follow exactly the info provided by the 
dialog and the tooltip and if you feel the tooltip is incorrect or 
incomplete, please browse the bug report and if you can't find this 
issue has been reported yet, then file a bug on that.

Tooltips must be helpful. Otherwise they need to be fixed.



> Best regards
> Gustavo
>>All the best,
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