[Scribus] implementing a CMYK workflow scenario with Gimp and Scribus

David Eyre david_eyre
Thu Mar 1 18:20:10 CET 2007

Gustavo Homem wrote...

>I have installed this plugin:
>along with Adobe ICC Profiles.
>The printed results (on a laser printer) look quite
>Can someone comments on the quality/correction of
>this workflow?

Hi Gustavo:

Following this post:


I changed our workflow. We no longer use the separate
plug-in. We do use colour management in Scribus, using
the ICC profile ISOnewspaper30v4. We export to PDF

There didn't seem to be any noticeable decline in

Here's a PDF where the images - including the adverts,
which are all created in The Gimp - underwent CMYK
separation through the Separate plug-in:

And here's one where RGB JPGs were used, with active
colour management in Scribus:

We were happy enough to decide to stop using Separate.

All the best,


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