[Scribus] implementing a CMYK workflow scenario with Gimp and Scribus

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists
Thu Mar 1 16:55:21 CET 2007

Hi Gustavo,

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 01:35:13PM +0000, Gustavo Homem wrote:

> Sometime ago I asked some questions on how a CMYK workflow could be achieved 
> with OSS tools and how to replace the "default" Phothoshop conversion. The 
> conclusion from the answers on the list was "there is no such thing as default 
> conversion". So I looked further.
> Current scenario that works:
> 1- Photographer takes pictures (result is an RGB JPEG)
> 2- Pictures are edited for color, brightness, etc on PS and saved again (RGB  
> 3- Another person opens the pictures on PS, changes some more parameters, 
> crops, cuts and converts to CMYK using the following profiles:
> 	RGB: sRGB IEC61966-21
> 	CMYK: Euroscale Coated v2
> (these are actually the default settings for this version of PS)
> Converted image is both stored as PSD and exported as EPS with PS.
> 4a - CMYK EPS is imported to QXP, which then generates Postscript, then 
> converted to PDF via extra tools
> 4b - CMYK PSD is imported to Scribus which generates directly PDF. Colour 
> management is NOT activated.
> 5 - PDFs from 4a and 4b look exactly the same, so Scribus is well integrated 
> on the current workflow.
> Now, how to replace PS by the Gimp on step 3?

Just don't save the image as CMYK from GIMP, but use tifficc for that
purpose. While Scribus could do the RGB->CMYK conversion (color managed
if CM is active), my results differed (as of from converting
using tifficc. There should also be a jpegicc, so you won't have huge
images at the end; tifficc supports Deflate compression well, so this
is the workflow of my choice:

- retouch image in Gimp (you'll stay in sRGB space, so your control is
  pretty limited compared to Photoshop editing CMYK)
- save as RGB TIFF with Deflate option
- use tifficc -t1 -b -c2 -i sRGB.icc -o EuroscaleCoated.icc
- embed in Scribus




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