[Scribus] Scribus on Mac

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jun 27 16:37:53 CEST 2007

Victor Domingos wrote:
> Hi, Tom!
> That tutorial seems very interesting, but I was not able to follow it as
> I don't understand... er.. german, i guess...? Could you please post a
> version of that tutorial with the English commands and menu items?

Even if you speak no German, it's pretty easy to guess based on the
similarity of many words and using the Scribus UI.

"Objeckt / Umwandeln in" == "Object -> Convert To"

"Umrisse" == "Outlines"

"Objekt / Polygone kombineren" ... you can figure that one out ;-)

It's worth noting that Scribus can be launched in any supported language
from the command line and the language can be switched in the
preferences. I've sometimes found it useful to look up a description of
a menu path someone's given by starting two copies of Scribus - one in
my language, one in theirs - and using that to figure out each step. In
this case, that wasn't necessary, but it's handy for more complex cases
when helping debug problems etc.

Craig Ringer

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