[Scribus] scribus133x

Owen rcook
Tue Jun 26 08:50:15 CEST 2007

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 12:13:02 +0800
Craig Ringer <craig at postnewspapers.com.au> wrote:

> > Cannot find
> > plugin: /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0:
> > undefined symbol:
> > _ZN8ScPlugin19newPrefsPanelWidgetEP7QWidgetRP10PrefsPanelR7QStringR7QPixmap
> Now *that*'s the important bit.
> _ZN8ScPlugin19newPrefsPanelWidgetEP7QWidgetRP10PrefsPanelR7QStringR7QPixmap
> is a mangled C++ symbol that demangles to:
> ScPlugin::newPrefsPanelWidget(QWidget*,PrefsPanel*&,QString&,QPixmap&)
> Since most of those plugins do not actually try to create a prefs panel
> widget, this is confusing. It seems like the plugin importing the symbol
> from your `scribus' executable since it inherits the virtual method, but
> is unable to find it in your executable.

Cannot find plugin: /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0: undefined symbol: _ZN8ScPlugin19newPrefsPanelWidgetEP7QWidgetRP10PrefsPanelR7QStringR7QPixmap

> What does:
>     nm /usr/local/bin/scribus | grep newPrefsPanelWidget
> output?

083dba10 T

> How about:
     nm /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0 |\
     grep newPrefsPanelWidget


So there is a difference there!

> What does `which scribus' print?

~$ which scribus

> Also, consider DELETING the plugins from
> /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins/, running `make clean' on your Scribus
> build tree then re-building and re-installing Scribus. If it's a weird
> dependency tracking issue that might resolve it.

Did that and no change! I unfortunately had three builds in /usr/local including a 1.2.5. I will try building in a completely new directory.
> By the way, in future can you please post the FULL startup error
> messages EXACTLY as they appear please? Please do not assume that
> certain parts are unimportant and omit them. It'd be nice to have the
> full startup errors for this issue as it stands now.

My apologies for that omission, I should have known better.

I will go and fiddle some more.



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