[Scribus] scribus133x

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Jun 26 06:13:02 CEST 2007

Owen wrote:

> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 740680 2007-06-26
> 09:00 /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins/libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0

looks fine.

> ~$ ldd /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins/libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0

looks fine.

> Cannot find
> plugin: /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0:
> undefined symbol:
> _ZN8ScPlugin19newPrefsPanelWidgetEP7QWidgetRP10PrefsPanelR7QStringR7QPixmap

Now *that*'s the important bit.

is a mangled C++ symbol that demangles to:


Since most of those plugins do not actually try to create a prefs panel
widget, this is confusing. It seems like the plugin importing the symbol
from your `scribus' executable since it inherits the virtual method, but
is unable to find it in your executable.

What does:
    nm /usr/local/bin/scribus | grep newPrefsPanelWidget

How about:
    nm /usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0 |\
    grep newPrefsPanelWidget

What does `which scribus' print?

Also, consider DELETING the plugins from
/usr/local/lib/scribus/plugins/, running `make clean' on your Scribus
build tree then re-building and re-installing Scribus. If it's a weird
dependency tracking issue that might resolve it.

By the way, in future can you please post the FULL startup error
messages EXACTLY as they appear please? Please do not assume that
certain parts are unimportant and omit them. It'd be nice to have the
full startup errors for this issue as it stands now.

Craig Ringer

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