[Scribus] GUI: behaviour of touching frames

Jim Killock jim.killock
Sun Jun 24 02:12:39 CEST 2007

Hi Craig

On 23 Jun 2007, at 21:03, Craig Ringer wrote:

> This goes beyond touching frames. In general, ID and Quark tend to
> follow the rule "if it's selected, you probably want to interact  
> with it
> not something near it". This means that you can, for example, select a
> frame that's under three others, then manipulate it as normal.
> You can't do this in Scribus; you have to always use the modifiers to
> say "no, I still want to manipulate the frame I selected not the
> top-most one". This is one of the biggest things that slows me down
> working in Scribus.
> In general, I think existing selections need stronger priority for
> interaction, as if they are on top irrespective of their real stacking
> depth. That includes moving, resizing, double-clicks, etc.

I've added what I've observed of this to the wiki:


Perhaps you could expand on this? I'd agree it is a major slow-up in  
terms of using Scribus. It is unfortunately the main reason why I've  
been unable to recommend it for widespread adoption across the my  

On 'modifiers' it sounds like i have been missing something? is there  
a key stroke that allows you to get the behaviour I want (ie, to use  
the already-selected object)?

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