[Scribus] Please help with 'simple' scripting task - print the current document

Bill Hudacek bill.hudacek
Sat Jun 23 19:50:29 CEST 2007

I just finished a wiki page on this topic.  The script is rather 
primitive (does not prompt for start/end ticket numbers, only handles 
4-up at present) but I hope it helps someone else along the way.  It 
could be generalized, but at my present level of (in)competence in 
Python & Scribus I don't have time nor heart to undertake the effort.

It's at 

Thanks, everyone, for your help in getting this working.



wayne wrote:
> I couldn't figure out a way to print tickets from Scribus. I needed 1200 
> numbered tickets printed so I designed the ticket in Scribus, exported it 
> as a png file, then imported it into glabels. I also created a number 
> database and formatted it the way I wanted it to appear on the ticket 
> (000100, etc.). I imported that into glabels also where I was able to 
> print out 8 tickets per page. It worked out nicely.
> If someone has an easier way to do this all from Scribus, let me know.

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