[Scribus] page numbering problem

Jorge G. Mare a.k.a. Koki koki
Fri Jun 22 21:54:51 CEST 2007

Brian Wilson wrote:
> I am trying to publish a book in Lao and English, but am having
> difficulty with the pagination.  The Lao translation is on the left
> hand pages and the English is on the right. I want the page numbers to
> increase incrementally by side.  This would mean Lao page 1, English
> page 1, Lao pg 2, En pg 2, etc.
> How do I do this in Scribus?  I know that there is a fix for XeLaTeX
> to do this, but that is too much like work.

I am new to Scribus, so I don't know if this is possible.

What I would try to do in this particular situation is create a document
with a landscape master page that is double the size of a single page,
and divide it into left and right side for each language.

Specifically, if your page size is A4, create a A3 landscape document,
and then use a guide to  divide the page in two sides: left for Lao and
right for English. The left and right page numbers will be in sync as
you desire, but I am not sure how you would output the document in a way
that you can use for printing.



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