[Scribus] PDF Anmerkungen

Pueblo Native pueblonative
Mon Jun 18 04:51:20 CEST 2007

jon wrote:
> Hi Christian -
> this list is multilingual and although it allows the usage of native  
> language
> I think it would be nicer to let all people here participate. Would  
> you please
> consider to use english for your requests?
> As a side effect you might get much more answers if you do.
> cheers
> Jon

As a grammar aside, wouldn't you phrase the first sentence, "Although
this list is multilingual the majority of people read and write English
as their first and only language.  Therefore, you might want to post the
question in English."
I personally have no problem with German, but I can see where some
might, so here's the Babelfish translation:
Hello together, white someone whether it in the next expenditures of
Scribus will be directly possible those for pdf notes to existing
frameworks with contents to apply. With packages such as Corel or
InDesign there is other SW this possibility. Thus one would not always
have to draw extra up framework around pdf notes to provide. Greeting

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