[Scribus] Newbie: SLA file won't open

Kevin Cole dc.loco
Fri Jun 15 22:18:01 CEST 2007

> Yesterday, was my first foray into Scribus. I created and saved a file
> using scribus-ng.  Today, when I try to open it, the "hourglass" just
> spins and spins.  I tried opening it with just plain old scribus, and
> got the same result.
> This is on Kubuntu Feisty, using whichever scribus-ng (and scribus)
> came with it.  However, I just upgraded as per the instructions on the
> Scribus wiki (http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Getting_Scribus_on_Ubuntu/Kubuntu_up_and_running)
> and am now running scribus and scribus-ng 1.3.4.
> Also, the dialog boxes that do show up are very slow, like it's either
> looking for something that's not there, or waiting for a lock file to
> disappear, or some such.

P.S. This is a two page document, with no graphics. The first line of
the file reads:

          <SCRIBUSUTF8NEW Version="" >
Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo
Washington, DC

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