[Scribus] snap to grid, page grid, baseline grid

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Sun Jun 3 01:40:44 CEST 2007

2007/6/2, Claus Wilke <wilke at spamcop.net>:
> > I can't tell you what's wrong here but I can tell an easier way to
> achieve
> > this. You won't even have to bother about drawing a perfect square with
> > your mouse from the start!
> I guess the checkerboard was a bad example. Yes, I know how I can create
> one,
> but that's not the point. In reality, I have to create many boxes of
> different sizes, but all corners of the boxes should align to specific
> grid
> points. The grid is actually rather fine (1/16 in). I could manually set
> up
> horizontal and vertical guides with 1/16 in spacing and achieve my result.
> However, this procedure is rather tedious, and it seems that the page grid
> would be made exactly for this kind of a situation. Only that it doesn't
> work.
> Does anybody else know how the page grid works, and whether the behavior I
> have encountered is as intended or a bug?


As I am playing a bit with the grids I am encountering the same strange
behaviour as you do.

Working on an older cvs version, though.

The snap to guide option seems to snap to the smaller grid. A good way to
test this is to make those 2 grids strangers to one another (not using
obvious or close multiple of the other, for instance 120 for the large one
and 50 for the small one). At the same time, when you let go, the object
snaps elsewhere on the page, making this feature hardly usable (unusable, to
tell it all).

This, imo, calls for a bug report but before filing one, it is advisable to
browse thoroughly the bug reports to make sure it's not already on the list.
Please do.

The workaround is to turn the snap to option off and to make a smart use of
the Properties palette, the Multiple Duplicate, the Group/Ungroup and the
WIndow > Align and Distribute functions. These work fine and make Scribus
roar where some other apps just meow...



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