[Scribus] How to print?

russbucket russbucket
Fri Jun 1 18:07:29 CEST 2007

On Friday June 1 2007 06:11, BandiPat wrote:
> avox wrote:
> [...]
> > This is *not* a Scribus bug. You should complain to your distro / CUPS /
> > GutenPrint
> > to get this fixed. GhostScript has no problem at all to produce an RGB
> > bitmap instead
> > of a CMYK one if instructed so. Your print system just messes up (and not
> > making the
> > fatal Gutenprint message visible to the end user is a bug in itself in my
> > opinion)
> >
> > /Andreas
> ==============
> Ok, Andreas, if we are going to start assigning blame, let's put this
> question out there.
> Can anyone print a Scribus file directly to their attached printer from
> Scribus using Scribus' printing mechanism and Linux using CUPS &
> Gutenprint drivers?
> Since I believe the answer is going to be "no" from everyone, what do
> you assign the blame to at that point?  If it were not somehow
> associated with Scribus, wouldn't we have problems with every other
> application that prints in Linux?  Or at least one other application?
> Pat
Just some input in answer to the above question. I run SUSE 10.2, Cups 1.2.7, 
Ghostscript 8.15.3 and Scribus 1.3.4 with a Xerox Phaser 6120. I have no 
problem printing to this printer but I am not using Gutenprint PPD's. I use 
the PPD supplied by Xerox. This would seem to indicate the problem being 
discussed maybe in Gutenprint.

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