[Scribus] OpenType support when?

Anousak Souphavanh anousak
Fri Jul 27 16:45:00 CEST 2007

Harendal, thnaks for the explanation and info included here. From what
I can see this is that
Scribus is still using ANSI based fonts such as shown below.

Has the KhmerOS problem resolved? If so, I think we can base Lao on
that resolultion.


On 7/27/07, HARENDAL .h <harendalh at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >From: "Anousak Souphavanh" However, Scribus doesn't support Lao in
> >rendering the UNICODE font that we have namely Phetsarath OT (attached
> >here). This is font was created with OpenType specification and it is 100%
> ** Hi Anousak
> Sorry fot my english, I'm going to explain below the features finded
> in the font. And I think that is the same problem found in the KhmerOS
> font.
> For more infos ,see the proof version attached. I give all
> there informations in order to Luis seeing what appens about troubles
> reported.
> - The font have a "symbol" encoding in my compiler!
> - Assender is at 2200 upm, and descender at 1100 for a scale at 2048!
> - Leading espect to see ghyph for this size, but I' haven't find one.
> I Thing that this font is a basic large font keeping ANSI and LAO code
> range: I can explain that because when you open the font properties
> this ones give for code :
> 1252: Latin1
> 1252: latin2: east europe
> 1271: Cyrilic
> 1253: Greek
> 1254: Turkish
> 1255: Hebrew
> 1256: Arabic
> 1257: Windows basic
> 1258: Vietnamese
> 874 Thai etc
> Only 1251 is realy supported, so the table of content for code page
> isn't reordered.
> - I have try to extract the opentype tables to view there component
> in microsoft VOLT2.2. This one doesn't work (or empty)
> In the Source TTX, for exemple, the kerning feature contain only 1 kern
> pair:
>   <kern>
>     <version value="0"/>
>     <kernsubtable coverage="1" format="0">
>       <pair l="T" r="a" v="-200"/>
>     </kernsubtable>
>   </kern>
> In addition, "post" table say:
> <post>
>     <formatType value="2.0"/>
>     <italicAngle value="0.0"/>
>     <underlinePosition value="-164"/>
>     <underlineThickness value="48"/>
>     <isFixedPitch value="0"/>
>     <minMemType42 value="0"/>
>     <maxMemType42 value="0"/>
>     <minMemType1 value="0"/>
>     <maxMemType1 value="0"/>
>     <psNames>
>       <!-- This file uses unique glyph names based on the information
>            found in the 'post' table. Since these names might not be unique,
>            we have to invent artificial names in case of clashes. In order
> to
>            be able to retain the original information, we need a name to
>            ps name mapping for those cases where they differ. That's what
>            you see below.
>             -->
>       <psName name="#1" psName=""/>
> ps name for major ones
> - As you can see in the proof version attached, PS names (in green) aren't
> displayed. For an exemple the glyph AE81 as a default name: .notedef.071
> in my compiler and for lao this one for unicode is uniAE81. It's a thing
> that generate errors when compiled.
> - I have some hinting instructions out of bound, but doesn't stop font
> work.
> - Other problem, when you open a font like arial for viewing you have
> in french, and before the font name:
> Police opentype, sign?e numeriquement, truetype outlines
> or for Adobe or mine ones:
> Police opentype, postscript outlines, ma?tre unique
> This line don't appears in this font, suggesting that the GPOS
> and GSUB, aren't correctly compiled (I think).
> Have you use fontforge to make this font?
> Hope that help you.
> Hirwen
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