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>From: "Anousak Souphavanh" However, Scribus doesn't support Lao in 
>rendering the UNICODE font that we have namely Phetsarath OT (attached 
>here). This is font was created with OpenType specification and it is 100% 

** Hi Anousak
Sorry fot my english, I'm going to explain below the features finded
in the font. And I think that is the same problem found in the KhmerOS
For more infos ,see the proof version attached. I give all
there informations in order to Luis seeing what appens about troubles
- The font have a "symbol" encoding in my compiler!
- Assender is at 2200 upm, and descender at 1100 for a scale at 2048!
- Leading espect to see ghyph for this size, but I' haven't find one.
I Thing that this font is a basic large font keeping ANSI and LAO code
range: I can explain that because when you open the font properties
this ones give for code :
1252: Latin1
1252: latin2: east europe
1271: Cyrilic
1253: Greek
1254: Turkish
1255: Hebrew
1256: Arabic
1257: Windows basic
1258: Vietnamese
874 Thai etc

Only 1251 is realy supported, so the table of content for code page
isn't reordered.

- I have try to extract the opentype tables to view there component
in microsoft VOLT2.2. This one doesn't work (or empty)
In the Source TTX, for exemple, the kerning feature contain only 1 kern 
    <version value="0"/>
    <kernsubtable coverage="1" format="0">
      <pair l="T" r="a" v="-200"/>

In addition, "post" table say:
    <formatType value="2.0"/>
    <italicAngle value="0.0"/>
    <underlinePosition value="-164"/>
    <underlineThickness value="48"/>
    <isFixedPitch value="0"/>
    <minMemType42 value="0"/>
    <maxMemType42 value="0"/>
    <minMemType1 value="0"/>
    <maxMemType1 value="0"/>
      <!-- This file uses unique glyph names based on the information
           found in the 'post' table. Since these names might not be unique,
           we have to invent artificial names in case of clashes. In order 
           be able to retain the original information, we need a name to
           ps name mapping for those cases where they differ. That's what
           you see below.
      <psName name="#1" psName=""/>
ps name for major ones

- As you can see in the proof version attached, PS names (in green) aren't
displayed. For an exemple the glyph AE81 as a default name: .notedef.071
in my compiler and for lao this one for unicode is uniAE81. It's a thing
that generate errors when compiled.

- I have some hinting instructions out of bound, but doesn't stop font

- Other problem, when you open a font like arial for viewing you have
in french, and before the font name:
Police opentype, sign?e numeriquement, truetype outlines
or for Adobe or mine ones:
Police opentype, postscript outlines, ma?tre unique
This line don't appears in this font, suggesting that the GPOS
and GSUB, aren't correctly compiled (I think).
Have you use fontforge to make this font?

Hope that help you.

D?couvrez le Blog heroic Fantaisy d'Eragon! 
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