[Scribus] Bug or Feature ? Broken Images

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Fri Jul 27 16:00:51 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Julian Robbins wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've come across an odd but really annoying bug. I've haven't added it 
>> to the bug tracker yet, in case there are other tips or ideas, or 
>> workarounds to get around it.
>> A colleague designs files in Scribus on Windows. I use Ubuntu 
>> Linux 7.04 and Scribus to open up the file. I get a lot of cases 
>> of broken image links. Images are linked relative from the document 
>> itself to the image filename.
>> This is how to reproduce this, if I open a Scribus file in one 
>> directory, say
>> /datasheets/product1
>> then open another Scribus file that is in a different directory, ie
>> /datasheets-old/product2
>> then images on the second file don't load at all. 'Manage images' shows 
>> an expected folder directory that is derived from the previously opened 
>> Scribus file (product1).
>> I haven't tested this thoroughly, so I'm not quite sure exactly what the 
>> problem is, but its confused me for a while.
>> Simple workaround is to quit Scribus completely, and open up file 2 on 
>> its on, then the images all load perfectly.
>> Can someone try to replicate this, and see if they get the same 
>> incorrect behaviour?
> Not exactly a bug -- what you need to do is select File > Collect for 
> Output from the menu bar. This brings everything together so that links 
> to images are correct.
> Greg
Yes, that's fine Greg, but what do you do when you don't have access to 
the file before the images break? I've got quite intimate with hand 
editing .sla files to correct the paths (now added as my second Scribus 
wiki entry ;-) 
before discovering the pattern ...

But it shouldn't give differing actions on whether you open up the file 
in Scribus first, or after another file has already been opened in 
Scribus. Breaking on the latter, working fine on the former case ...

Kind regards

Julian Robbins

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