[Scribus] Bug or Feature ? Broken Images

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jul 27 15:52:22 CEST 2007

Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> I've come across an odd but really annoying bug. I've haven't added it 
> to the bug tracker yet, in case there are other tips or ideas, or 
> workarounds to get around it.
> A colleague designs files in Scribus on Windows. I use Ubuntu 
> Linux 7.04 and Scribus to open up the file. I get a lot of cases 
> of broken image links. Images are linked relative from the document 
> itself to the image filename.
> This is how to reproduce this, if I open a Scribus file in one 
> directory, say
> /datasheets/product1
> then open another Scribus file that is in a different directory, ie
> /datasheets-old/product2
> then images on the second file don't load at all. 'Manage images' shows 
> an expected folder directory that is derived from the previously opened 
> Scribus file (product1).
> I haven't tested this thoroughly, so I'm not quite sure exactly what the 
> problem is, but its confused me for a while.
> Simple workaround is to quit Scribus completely, and open up file 2 on 
> its on, then the images all load perfectly.
> Can someone try to replicate this, and see if they get the same 
> incorrect behaviour?
Not exactly a bug -- what you need to do is select File > Collect for 
Output from the menu bar. This brings everything together so that links 
to images are correct.


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