[Scribus] Cannot manually change frame width/height

Matthias Bodenbinder matthias
Tue Jul 24 09:02:57 CEST 2007


I tried various scribus versions but all(!) show a nasty behaviour that prevents 
the manual setting of frame widht or height.

When I open the preference dialog for a frame (F2) I want to enter a frame width 
of, lets say, 5 cm. But when I do that the frame size is always set to 0.005xx 
cm. The frame becomes microscopically small.

The only way for me to chage the frame size is by using the mouse ad dragging 
the frameborders.

I can not believe that this is intentional. How do you guys create a textframe 
that is exactly 5x7 cm and the  upper left corner is at 2x2 cm?


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