[Scribus] Adjust frame to image BUT NO adust image to frame?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jul 22 10:16:03 CEST 2007

On Sunday 22 July 2007 09:51:47 dax702 wrote:
> OK, you're right about that.  I guess what I liked about the
> reference2a.eps was the fact that I could scale it so it was just big
> enough to fit across the page.  Whereas, with this png file, you have to
> fiddle with it to get it just right.  Also, it looks crappy on the screen
> whereas the other EPS file is crystal clear even when zoomed out.  Here's a
> screen capture I did at 125% in Scribus, you can see what I mean of how the
> reference2a.eps looks good while the PNG is hardly readable on screen.  If
> I could do something to the PNG to make it look good as the EPS, it'll make
> for easier assembly of the book.  Perhaps convert the PNG to an EPS so it
> acts like the

If you set the image to scale to frame then you can scale as you have said. 
The difference is that importing an EPS as vector means the imported object 
is a Scribus object and can be resized just like that. When an image is in a 
frame then you need to scale the frame and adjust the image. By setting scale 
to frame then it will do the auto adjust for you.

Right click on the image and tell it to set the preview resolution to high. 
Normally Scribus creates a 72dpi preview of images for speed.


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