[Scribus] Pre-use question about Scribus and a certain PNG image

avox avox
Thu Jul 19 13:01:29 CEST 2007

dax702 wrote:
> Hi all, I just did a search on Google for desktop publishing and went to
> Wikipedia and that's how I found out about Scribus. I have to put a 60
> page book together for printing and it will include these music notation
> references throughout the book.  The music part was done a long time ago
> and the only output option from that software that seems like it will be
> usable for print is "high resolution png"  I have attached one of these
> png files output from that software (though not the stuff for the book).  
> What I would need to do is cut up a big image like this into the small
> references and place them throughout the book.   What I need to know is if
> Scribus can successfully import this type of image, and ultimately, can I
> use it for a finished printed book?
> If anyone who is experienced with this type of situation could point me in
> the right direction as to what would be the best way to get these musical
> reference images into the book, I would be most appreciative!

Well, Scribus has no problems with PNG. Just note that Scribus puts the
whole image into the PS/PDF 
even if it shows only a small portion. So referencing the same PNG multiple
times for displaying different portions currently blows up the exported PDF.
The workaround is to use Gimp or ImageMagick to split
the original PNG into smaller parts.

For the print quality you have to decide if the high-resolution image is
good enough for your purposes.
Make sure the image is not rescaled during the process, or only rescaled in
integer steps (x2, /2, x3, ...).
In Scribus the properties palette will tell you the dpi of the image in the
target document.
When printing, make sure to turn off any "scale to fit into page" options.

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