[Scribus] silly idea for pr...

Martin Tlustos martin_tlustos
Thu Jul 19 09:35:09 CEST 2007

that might be a very (I mean VERY!) silly idea, but still....
What about putting high priority on developing a really good xml scheme for 
Scribus and then apply for it to be approved as an ISO standard? Of course it 
would need to define many features that Scribus doesn't (yet) cover, but I 
think that would not be a problem. You could design all the features you 
would like to have in Scribus in the future, and then slowly (well hopefully 
quickly... ;-) implement them in Scribus.
Advantages (in an ideal case): put pressure on Adobe and Quark to implement 
this format at least as an export feature, thus improving compatibility 
between different apps, and having scribus as the first (and probably only) 
app to use the new standard as their primary format.
Just a thought... (I'm very good in having ideas and thoughts that mean a lot 
of work for other people while I can't really help them in getting it done... 
sorry ;-)

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