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Rhys Evans rhy7s
Thu Jul 19 06:07:09 CEST 2007

I may not be doing things right, but as far as I can tell the tab stops are in increments no smaller than 0.1mm which means the text frame, which can be positioned within 0.001mm, has to be aligned to the closest 0.1mm to have the tabbed left hand text align with left aligned text in the frame. I don't want the text to left and right of the tab to be justified but it is correct that I want the first character at the left of the frame and the last at the right but I don't want variable spaces between words within their own columns. I suppose the workaround is to round to 0.1mm but this method still requires a lot of tabs to get the text to the tab stop at the other side of the page. Which makes it no longer a quick way of achieving this particular result so you might as well spend longer and have two text frames but I imagine I would just stick with InDesign for the moment when I want that effect. I just like to use Scribus for collaborative stuff where InDesign's a bit of a
 barrier to entry.

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Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2007 06:18 schrieb Rhys Evans:
> Something I find handy in InDesign is right-aligning text then using tab to
> split the text to left aligned left of the tab and right aligned to the
> right. Is there a way I can achieve this in Scribus? It doesn't seem to do
> the same automatic alignment of words on multiple lines using tab either
> but is there another method?

Well, it seems to me that it works exactly the same way in Scribus. Select 
your text frame, open the Properties Palette (F2) and go to the "Shape" tab. 
There you'll find a button called "Tabulators" which offers what you need. 

Once the tab stops are set, you'll see them in the horizontal rulers, at least 
when you're in the editing mode for the text frame. You can move them with 
the left mouse button and change the alignment with the right one.



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